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  1. IT Service Engineer (Intern)

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Base Location: Lome, Togo

Responsibilities :

  1. Responsible for user desktop/laptop, scanner, printer support,
  2. Responsible for desktop/laptop provision, prepare corporate standard OS/Software/Application and security settings before distribute to end users.
  3. Responsible for IT infrastructure construction and maintenance, including IT server room, structure cabling system, video conference system, UPS, Air conditioning and Environment monitor etc.
  4. Responsible for regional/office network implementation and maintenance, including WAN/LAN/Voice solution design, network equipment’s configurations and deployment, network system troubleshooting and health checking.
  5. Responsible for system implementation and maintenance, including windows server system, web application system, database and storage system.
  6. Responsible for service provider quotation, and call help from service provider, push them to help fix issue.

Requirements :

  1. Bachelor or above degree, major in computer or information related technologies
  2. At least 1-year work experiences in IT service and infrastructure.
  3. Proficient in TCP/IP technologies.
  4. Skillful in IT infrastructure items, such as server room facilities, structure cabling system, UPS, door access control/CCTV, Air conditioning etc.
  5. Skillful in laptop/desktop, OS, office software troubleshooting and maintenance
  6. Proficient in both English and French is mandatory. English is the working language.
  7. Good communication and negotiation skill, sensibility of team work and cooperation.
  8. Willing to work hard, accept the overtime and business travel to others with the business request, accept the result orientation.


  1. Solution Product Manager

Base Location: Lome, Togo


  1. Act as the solution manager to guide pre-sales opportunities, develop solutions, understand customer requirements, and convert them into solutions that match customer requirements.
  2. Have an in-depth insight into local ICT technology trends, analyze market requirements in Cote d’Ivoire and neighboring countries, and take charge of/participate in the development of local channel solution sales strategies.
  3. Take charge of the high touch of customers at the technical/CXO level, guide customers’ ICT investment and explore opportunities through business and system analysis.
  4. Participate in project operations, develop solutions, understand industry customers’ requirements, and provide solutions.
  5. Match resources based on the target, organize related resources within the company, and ensure the achievement of sales targets.


  1. Have 3+ years of experience in providing ICT solutions in the local ICT market.
  2. Be able to understand requirements and design solutions and communicate with and guide customers and channel partners.
  3. Familiar with single or multiple products wireless, datacom, IT storage, data center network etc.
  4. Strong sense of purpose, good sense of self-driving, strong willfulness, and success oriented.
  5. Strong communication and coordination skills and teamwork awareness.
  6. Have good solution presentation and communication skills. Be able to complete basic tasks such as technical guidance, bidding document preparation, and bidding reply.
  7. Ability to speak English and French fluently is mandatory.

One of these profiles is yours, kindly apply by sending your CV to beninrecruit@huawei.com keeping posted koudokpode.elisee.kindji@huawei.com . Mention in the object the position you are applying for and your name.


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