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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Têtê Amégnona ADJEGAN

Developpeur d'applications
  • Lomé - Agoè wongo, Togo
  • 6 septembre 2019


I'am Mr Adjégan Têtê Amégnona, I am a Computer scientist and get my high Technician level at Defitech High School since 2016. I've got Software Developer degree and performed Myself by doing temporal work at Moov Togo. I am now create software in Delphi (programing software ) and this app is able to manage whole School To enhance my aptitude. I performed myself by doing more things as teaching, selling and dealing phones and computer. I am average at English and can work in multicultural societies.  Now I am free from any engagement and work by myself

Hope that I catch your mind with my Status, and i would called for more information and interviews , receive all my  recognizing

your faithfully

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Stagiaire @ Direction Générale de Moov Togo
Juil 2016 — Nov 2016

Opérateur de saisie des clients Post Paid et co-editeur des factures

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