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ASKY recruits-23/02/2023

asky recrute

Compagnie Aérienne ASKY is recruiting Flight Data Analysts.

I.        Job title

Flight Data Analyst

    II.        JOB PURPOSE

The Flight Data Analyst reports to the Safety & Security Manager, taking individual responsibility for the analysis, trending and reporting of recorded data from our routine flight operations to improve safety.

The Flight Data Analyst will display and maintain the highest standards of integrity and confidentiality working within our established protocols to improve safety.


Is responsible for the day-to-day running of the system, performing analysis and producing reports.

Has in-depth knowledge of SOP’s, aircraft handling characteristics, aerodromes and routes.

Ensures that all aspects of the Flight Data Monitoring Confidentiality Agreements are complied with.

Leads and support safety investigations of ASR/MOR.

Liaises with flight crew, responding to requests for FDM information.

Works with Maintenance Engineering providing event data analysis relating to aircraft limitation exceedances.

Risk assessment, compilation and publication of routine safety reports.

Presents detailed fleet trend analysis findings through the FDA Action Group meetings.


A fully qualified airline pilot with extensive knowledge of the Boeing 737NG or 737 MAX types, the ASKY route structure and standard operating procedures.

Knowledge of the ASKY Management System and Flight Data Monitoring procedures. A background in Airline Safety is preferable.

Experienced in flight data analysis.

A detailed understanding of the applicable FDM regulations.

IT literate with a knowledge of FDA software (Polaris, …).

First-class communication, interpersonal and presentation skills are essential.

Must have a professional methodical approach to analysis displaying a high degree of accuracy.

The candidate must be able to work to the highest level of integrity adhering closely to the established crew confidentiality protocols.

II.        Required Domain Expertise:

Aerospace/Electronics/Electrical/Mechanical Engineer preferably with experience in aerospace industry.

Required Technical Expertise:

–          Aircraft domain (Flight operations, Flight physics/mechanics, Systems)

–          Analytical skills

–          Algorithms and programming (Any language C, C++, Java, C#, Python etc)

–          SQL

–          ARINC 429 protocol

Required Soft Skills: Good presentation & communication skills


1.   Minimum Educational Level:

  • Diploma or high degree in related field (BSc; MSc degree preferred) or
  • Engineer or Pilot
  • Equivalent knowledge and experience.
  • Understand the theory of flight and its application to flight data recorder operations

2.   Professional Experiences:

  • Minimum of seven (7) years of experience in one or more of following sectors: flight operations, maintenance/engineering,
  • Five (5) years of aviation experience in accident investigation, inspection.

3- Languages proficiency: Fluent in French and English.

4- Information technologies (IT) proficiency:

  •  Proficient with the Microsoft Office applications (knowledge of Word, …)

Send your application to the following address:

BP 2988 LOME – Togo or Email: askyrecrutement@flyasky.com

The application must include:

–          A letter of motivation

–          A curriculum vitae

–          A copy of birth certificate

–          A copy of certificate of nationality

–          Copies of all diplomas and certificates

Only selected candidates will be contacted.

Deadline: February 23, 2022

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