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The Millennium Challenge Corporation – Specific Procurement Notice

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Specific Procurement Notice

Lome, Togo 24 May 2024

Re: Fiscal Agent Services Ref: CMC-Togo-24-4004

The Millennium Challenge Corporation (“MCC”) is working with the Government of Togo (GoT) to develop a compact by the end of calendar year 2024. Togo was selected as eligible for MCC funding in the fall of 2022. A constraint to economic growth analysis was completed in February 2023 ; and the GoT elected to focus compact development on addressing constraints in the energy (high cost and insufficient reliability) and digital (high cost and insufficient use of digital services) sectors.

The following types of investments concepts are being considered and will undergo additional evaluation, refinement and prefeasibility to determine which combination is best aligned with GoT priorities, is a good fit for MCC, and has the highest potential to improve the lives of Togolese people :

• Power Sector – A mix of investments in support of energy generation, transmission, distribution, access and/or institutional strengthening.
• Digital Sector – A mix of investments in meaningful connectivity, interoperable digital payment systems and the innovation ecosystem to contribute to more affordable digital access, the emergence of tech-enabled digital service solutions, and growth of the digital economy.

The United States of America, acting through MCC, and the Government of Togo have entered into a Compact Development Funding Agreement (“Agreement”) in the amount of approximately USD 12,000,000. Subject to the terms and conditions of the Compact, the Agreement, related agreements, and the availability of funds, the Government intends to use a portion of the funds to finance professional fiscal agent services from a legally constituted firm (“Fiscal Agent” or “Offeror”) to assist the Government with the implementation of the Compact program in a transparent and sound manner. The Fiscal Agent will pro- vide such support in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in an agreement (the “Fiscal Agent Agreement”), a form of which is attached to this Request for Offers (“RFO”) in Section VI.

In issuing this RFO, the Government has designated the Cellule de Mise en Oeuvre du Programme Compact, the Togo Compact Program Implementation Unit (“CMC-Togo”) to manage the implementation of the Activities, including entering and managing the Government Service Provider Contracts until such time as MCA-Togo is formed. MCC hereby acknowledges and consents to the designation of CMC-Togo. The Government hereby confirms to MCC that CMC-Togo has the authority to enter into obligations and act on behalf of the Government with regard to all Activities hereunder.

CMC-Togo will continue until such time as the Government establishes the Millennium Challenge Account Togo (“MCA-Togo”) to serve as the accountable entity for implementing the Compact. Prior to the establishment of MCA-Togo, any references to actions taken or rights received by CMC-Togo in this RFO, including in the Form of Contract, shall be taken or received by the CMC-Togo on behalf of the Government, and any references herein to MCA-Togo shall be deemed to mean CMC-Togo during this period.

This RFO follows the General Procurement Notice that appeared in dgMarket and UNDB Online on 5 April 2024.
CMC-Togo now invites Offers from legally constituted consulting firms and other organizations to provide the Fiscal Agent ser- vices (“Offers”). More details on these services are provided in the Terms of Reference in Section V of this RFO.

This RFO is open to all eligible entities (“Offerors”) who wish to respond. Subject to restrictions noted in the RFO, Offerors may associate with other Offerors to enhance their capacity to successfully carry out the assignment.

An Offeror will be selected under the Quality and Cost-Based Selection (“QCBS”) method, an evaluation procedure that is described in Section III of the RFO in accordance with the “MCC Accountable Entity Procurement Policy and Guidelines” provided on the MCC website (www.mcc.gov/ppg). The selection process, as described, will include a review and verification of qualifications and past performance, including a reference check, prior to the contract award.
The RFO includes the following Sections :


Section I Instructions to Offerors (“ITO”)

This section provides information to help Offerors prepare their Offers; it also provides information on the submission, opening, and evaluation of Offers and on the award of the proposed contract.
Section II Offer Data Sheet (“DS”)
This section includes provisions that are specific to this procu- rement and that supplement Section I, Instructions to Offerors.
Section III Qualification and Evaluation Criteria
This section specifies the qualifications required of the Offeror and the criteria to be used to evaluate their Offer.
Section IV A Technical Offer Forms
This section provides the Technical Offer Forms that Offerors are to complete and submit in a separate envelope as part of their total Offers.
Section IV B Financial Offer Forms
This section provides the Financial Offer Forms that Offerors are to complete and submit in a separate envelope as part of their total Offers.
Section V Terms of Reference
This Section includes the detailed Terms of Reference that describe the nature, tasks, and duties of the consulting services to be procured.

Section VI Contract Agreement

This section contains the draft form of a Contract, including the annex, proposed to be entered into between the Accountable Entity and the winning Offeror.
Please note that a Pre-Offer Conference will be held as described in the Offer Data Sheet (“DS”), Section II of the RFO. Attendance at the Pre-Offer Conference is not mandatory but is strongly advised for all interested Offerors or their representatives.

Offerors interested in receiving the RFO and submitting an Offer should register with Franklin Ibemessie, the Interim Procurement Agent by using the following link: https://ebmse.com/Togo_FA_RFO_4004. Offerors should provide their correct email contact details. This will ensure that the Offerors receive updates regarding this RFO.
Offers must be delivered electronically to the address and in the manner specified in the DS ITO 17, no later 3:00pm GMT of than 24 June 2024.

Please note that only electronic Offers shall be accepted. Late Offers will not be accepted under any circumstances.

Yours sincerely,
Kpowbié Tchasso AKAYA
National Coordinator
Compact Development Unit – Togo
(Cellule de Mise en Oeuvre du Programme Compact)

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