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Thursday, August 6, 2020




Reference  : PPI / DE / FO / 20

Location  :  Lomé, Togo

Reporting to :  Chief Executive Officer

Type of contract  : Unlimited time contract

Work time : Full time

Availability : By September 1, 2020

Field of work  : Fundraising, marketing, translation

Philanthropic Project International (www.ppiworld.org) is a charitable organization that assists rural communities in such fields as education, health (water and sanitation in particular), and environment. With the aim of mobilizing adequate resources for the implementation of projects for the benefit of the said communities, Philanthropic Project International would like to recruit a fundraising officer. The applicant must be available by September 1, 2020.

I. Description of the Post

Reporting to the Chief Executive Officer, the Fundraising Officer liaises with the Program Manager, Project Coordinators and translators in discharging his / her duties. Having a good mastery of both English and French, the Fundraising Officer will be in charge of fundraising both locally and internationally, in particular. Occasionally, s/he shall travel into the remotest country where drastic conditions can be met with, to work closely with community people and project coordinators.

II. Mission

The Fundraising Officer will play an instrumental role ensuring that our fundraising strategies and practice exceed our ambition and goal. The post-holder will do this by liaising successfully with other members of the executive board to ensure that challenging fundraising targets are met, that our contractual obligations with donors are adhered to with strong stewardship of these strategic relations, and that donors are brought on board. The tremendous role of the incumbent coordinates all types of fundraising including statutory, philanthropy, private sector, trusts, and mass audience. S/he works directly alongside project coordinators, themselves engaging with donors, to develop compelling proposals, and provide strategic support and direction for organizational and program fundraising. S/he also works throughout the organization to mobilize and align communications, media and advocacy activity to engage supporters.

III. Duties and responsibilities

Aligning with the above-mentioned mission, the duties and responsibilities, albeit not exhaustive, of the Fundraising Officer include the following:

A. Developing fundraising strategies

-Take forward and develop an organization-wide fundraising strategy and work plans, including tactics for raising unrestricted income;
-Advise and assist the Chief Executive Officer and the Program Manager in devising and implementing fundraising strategies for their specific community projects and plan their implementation on a regular basis;
-Contribute to the PPI’s strategic and annual planning processes having ownership of the fundraising part of the overall process, and keeping a database of donors.

B. Raising income and coordinating our fundraising and reporting

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-Assist project coordinators in planning, writing and editing funding proposals to comply with PPI’s fundraising guidelines and standards, paying particular attention to our accountabilities and ensuring that applications meet donor guidelines;
-Develop and improve the effectiveness of the organization-wide oversight, monitoring and coordination of fundraising and reporting;
-Ensure that accurate and up-to-date information is maintained on all submissions in relevant databases and filing
-Help improve project team’s fundraising skills, capacities and systems;
-Liaise successfully with the Program Manager and the Translator to ensure that funding proposals comply with PPI’s developing best practice in monitoring and evaluation plans;
-Coordinate funding and reporting arrangements, acting as the lead person setting plans and organizing meetings;

and ;
-Produce up-to-date reports for staff, management and the Governing Body.

C. Managing strong strategic relations with Donors

-Develop and deepen existing donor relationships, ensuring that the organization maintains effective communications and good relations with our donor partners;
-Ensure that the donor community is updated on our work and achievements;
-Keep the organization up-to-date on changing donor priorities, and ensure that new funding opportunities are identified and shared with teams in a timely manner; and -Represent the organization at meetings with donors and external events.

D. Secretarial duties

-Compose and type routine letters, memoranda, reports, minutes of meetings, etc.;
-Receive and screen visitors and telephone calls, take messages, schedule appointments for professional(s) and /or management staff and provide information to callers requiring knowledge of the organization work, supervisor’s point of view, and the interpretation and application of policies and procedures;
-Proofread and correct prepared materials for correct grammar, format, completeness, and content;
-Establish and maintain office files, logs, indexes, control records, or other information concerning the work under the control of the leadership;
-Enter, retrieve, update, verify, and delete information from electronic files;
-Maintain confidentiality of documents and information received;
-Assist in the preparation of budgets and financial reports; etc.

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E. Other duties

-Translate project and administrative documents into English if deemed necessary;
-Translate into French official documents from English partners;
-Act as interpreter if deemed necessary;
-Manage small cash and work out monthly reports;
-Manage office stock and furniture and submit relevant requests.

IV. Specific profile

A. Education

-Minimum required level: Bachelor Degree (BAC + III);
-Field of Study : Fundraising / English / Marketing (or equivalent ) .

B. Experience and / or training

-A two-year experience in Translation French / English is desirable ;
-Some training in fundraising is desirable, not compulsory .

C. Other knowledge

-Proven analytical capacity ;
-Proven writing capacity ;
-Good knowledge of project management is a must ;
-Good mastery of Word, Excel, Outlook, Internet and Social media (facebook, Twitter, linkedin, etc.).

V. Recruitment procedure

The recruitment procedure is the following:

1. File analysis and screening ;
2. First interview ;
3. General conditions test ;
4. Specific conditions test ;
5. Second interview ;
6. Reference checking ;
7. Signing the contract .

VI. How to apply

A. Requested documentation

The following are the requested documents to be sent:

-Cover letter,
-Updated résumé, and
-Last degree.

The degree is just a hint at what the candidate may be able to do, and is not compulsory at all.  Having read the advertisement, anyone that is sure to cope with the abovementioned duties and responsibilities is requested to apply.

B. Format of the documentation

The above documentation should be sent in PDF files. Specifically, any forementioned document should be sent separately, with a total of THREE (3)PDF FILES.


Any aforementioned document should be sent in English. However, if your degree is inFrench or any other language, you do not need to translate it.

D. Deadline

The abovementioned documents should be sent to the Chief Executive Officer of Philanthropic Project International by August 15, 2020

E. Email address

Applications should be sent to the following email address: philanthropicproject@gmail.com

The format of the subject of the email should be:PPI _ Name _ Post

F. Other information

Only the selected candidates will be liaised with for the other stages of the recruitment process. Women are strongly encouraged to apply!

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